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This is a professional football club that has a strong foundation. It had a long history which is based in England. The official name of this club is an arsenal football club. It is one of the most decorated clubs in history Europe. It has a very old history and it was also the first club to join the football league. It was the very first club from the south of England to join that leagye in 1893. The club was able to reach the first division in 1904. the club first started as team which name was dial square in 1886.

The workers verb basically blacksmiths and there were doing the work to build cannons that is why is today we call Arsenal as gunners. After sometime the club became professional and its name changed Woolwich Arsenal. The starting period of the club was very difficult and the club faced many problems as they could not challenge for the title.devar having a lot of financial problem but luckily in 1910 a businessman bought the club and in 1910 he changed the name of the club as Arsenal. Later on the club bought Herbert Chapman as their manager in 1925.

After that the club was having great time. The manager improved many aspects of the team and laid a strong foundation of the team. Arsenal football club was also able to win it’s first major trophy in 1930 under his management. This was the glorious period of Arsenal FC. In the decade of 1930s the clubs was able to win five trophies. They won five league trophies and they also was able to win one FA cup at that span of time. It was a significant era for the Club.


Rise of Arsenal

During the world war II period the club was prospering and the club was having lot of victories they also won two league titles in that time and also won FA cup the whole team was very strong and they could beat any team in the world. But after that Arsenal started having a bad time because few of their best players retired from the game and they world not able to find any good player and this was The lost trophy which they have won and after that they word not able to win any of the trophy for next whole 17 years that was I am very embarrassing period for the club. Many of their players started to leave the club for successful clubs.Sundar the club became a mediocre club at it was not able to compete in any of the competition.

And after 17 years in 1971 they were able to win their first double and it was looking that the club will start progressing again but that doesn’t happened and the club started losing many games and they are also loses two finals. And in 1979 they won the FA cup competition and after that. The club was successful under George Graham he started to improve the club defence he was in charge for almost 9 years.during his span of time Arsenal want to lead titles To li comes and effective it was a very glorious period of the club but they also lost some of the finals. They are also lost the cup winners cup final. After that Arsene Wenger was appointed as the new coach of the team and his time with the club was very fruit full. His attacking techniques were very different. He focused on the fitness of all the players and during his time in the club raised too many heights. He also bought some of the world class players like theiry Henry and Patrick Viera.


The Twenty Century:

The club also wanna second League and Cup double in 1997 1998 and the club was also able to win the third in 2001 and 2002. The club also reached the final of 1999-2000 UEFA cup. Day mona lot of titles and trophies and also won the premier League in 2003 2004 season without losing a single match and they made a record of winning the league without losing a single match they played 48 matches and didn’t lose a single one. They also got the name of invincible. It was also a national record for any team. During the era of Wenger’s they were unstoppable it was a glorious moment for the club. They also reached the finals of Champions League and they were the first team from London to reach the finals in 50 years but they were beaten by FC Barcelona. In 2005 they won FA cup and after that for almost 9 years they were unable to win any major trophy but when they signed mesut ozil who helped them beat Hull City and they won the FA cup final in after that they also appeared in FA cup final for the second time in a row and they warn that final also and became one of the most successful clubs in the tournament. Wenger was the coach of the club for almost 22 years that is a very long span of time but his time was very memorable he helped his team to clinch many titles. The highest goal scorer for the club is Thiery Henry has the most number of goals for the club. He has scored a total of 226 goals for the club In the span of 8 years.

This club has achieved a lot and it’s one of the strongest club of the world. Arsenal Football Club broke money record and have a unique importance in the Football world. The club is known as the invincibles and currently the best player in the squad is Perie Aumabang. He is the best player in the squad. The club has the potential to win many titles and is on of the toughest teams but currently they are a bit shaky and this season they were unable to qualify for the UEFA champions League but that doesn’t end here. The club has the potential and they will prove their worth.

Titles and Achievements;

The club has achieved a lot in years has many records in its name the club the only club to win 14 FA cup titles the most by any of the club in English history. Arsenal had 12 leak it has also won 16 f a A community shield. Arsenal won only 3 major trophies in last ten years. The clubs has won 13 league trophies in total. That is a huge number and it is also one of the most successful club in the English History.

that was the article on Arsenal in this article we told you all about the club if you find it interesting and informative then give your feedback and also tell us your favourite football club and we will give you future updates on Arsenal FC. Thanks.

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